Required Reading (or TedTalk)

"Start With Why"

– Simon Sinek


The printed copy of this book sits on my desk as a reference and reminder tool. Why did you start your business is often the first question I ask a founder.  Finding your personal why, as well as, your company’s why is the key to clarity. Clarity is the key to action.

This approach will have you looking from the inside out. When you first define the reason you exist you can then spend your time on what and how you’ll deliver value to buyers.

Simon’s circles sync with the bullseye target diagrams I use to help founders and leadership team’s hone in on their buyers. When a buyer aligns with your why and feels it too – you have an inspired buyer

Benefits of this book: purpose and clarity.

Recommended Readings


– Ray Dalio


Another resource book, albeit not as easy to digest as “Start with Why”. This one is more like a textbook of life and business based on building “systems” to handle decision points that often repeat themselves. It’s a machine-like approach to help make decisions, build teams and evolve your business.

Ray emphasizes “radical truth” and “radical transparency” in life and business.

Benefits of this book: confidence and consistency.


– Gino Wickman


This is a business book that gives you a framework and tool to run your company – and it’s hard to argue with the reported impact it’s had on founders and leaders.

Wickman’s Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is based on six key components of any business: vision, people, data, process, traction and issues.

The EOS layers nicely over Dalio’s “Principles” by providing a fully vetted and powerful “system” to run your business.

Benefits of this book: focus and excellence.

"Atomic Habits"

– James Clear


I purchase this book over and over again as a gift for people. I reference it repeatedly in conversations with founders and leaders.

The root of this book is about how habits are built, how you can change them and the impact of being 1% better every day.

I have used this book to stack small healthy habits to put myself into the flow I need to be super productive. Clear’s simple explanations and tools can be considered life hacks.

Benefits of this book: productivity and consistency.

Favorite Podcasts

“The School of Greatness” with Lewis Howes

“On Purpose” with Jay Shetty


“Let’s Go” with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray


“SmartLess” with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnet