Work With Kevin

Whether your business idea is still in your head or you’re ready to scale up —the mindset and skill set required to grow can feel like it requires a 24/7 effort.

You’ve gotten this far as a business owner, which means you have the vision and tenacity to bring bold ideas to life. But if you want to turn that vision into reality, you need a human swiss army knife for backup.

That’s me. I’m a business growth coach for founders and leaders with big ambitions.  

My clients hire me to rethink and set action to tackle their most pressing challenges – big or small, complex, annoying or occasionally weird. As a 6X founder I’ve “been there, done that and…got the t-shirt”.


Let's create the foundational docs and roadmap needed to advance your dream.

  • Gain clarity.
  • Increase comfort & confidence in your idea.
  • Put accountability in place.
  • Establish partnerships in key areas like software development.
  • Validate your assumptions.

In this capacity, I can play a significant business development role.


Let's launch your product with the optimal go-to-market strategy.

  • Gain momentum as we implement your roadmap.
  • Get a better understanding of buyer’s need and wants.
  • Build a team you can trust.
  • Focus on your WHY and vision.
  • Lock-in on your positioning, differentiation & messaging.

In this capacity, I can help shape your mindset and skillset to acquire customers.


Let's grow or scale your product with the "systems" that lead to your desired outcomes.

  • Leverage your initial success to serve more customers.
  • Identify areas where your growth is “stuck”.
  • Optimize your website flow for buyers.
  • Align all digital messaging to buyers.

In this capacity, I can guide you to put the necessary sales ops systems in place.